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What We Believe





At Golinda Baptist Church, everything we do is based around faith, community, scripture, and outreach.


Faith is the cornerstone of our lives at Golinda Baptist. We trust that God has a unique plan and purpose for every person, and that accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is the key to finding fulfillment and peace in this life and eternal bliss in the next. We strive to build up our faith through weekly services, Bible studies, prayer, and worship through song.


We believe that God created people to live in harmonious, peaceful, worshipful communities. We love members of our church family as if they are our own brothers and sisters, seeking to serve one another in humility and love. This is why at Golinda you'll regularly find us not only worshipping God together, but also eating together, working together, and having fun together.


We believe that the Bible is not just a religious guidebook, but a personal, breathing, active communication from God to humanity. The Bible is the first and foremost authority in our church. It teaches us how to follow God , how to love others with our whole selves, and how to live life to the fullest.


We believe that following the example of Jesus means that we are called to love our neighbors. We do this in a variety of ways in our city of Golinda, from sponsoring a weekly public forum for Christian men to picking up neighborhood children for GoKids. We want to be a light to the world in the way we build up our community.

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While we recognize Scripture as our ultimate authority, we also affirm the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message as a faithful representation of our doctrinal and theological beliefs. That being said, we welcome all whose viewpoints might or might not strictly adhere to that document.

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