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If you'd like to serve at our church, we could use your help! Check the list below for available roles and needs you might be able to fill!

We could use your help serving in our church in the following capacities:

  • The Youth Ministry will be doing 3 different service projects this spring in our local community. If you would like to serve as a helper or sponsor, please contact Hayden.

  • If you have expertise in sound, lighting, and/or web design, please contact Pastor Morgan.


  • If you have any skills in electrical work, plumbing, or carpentry, we could use an occasional "handyman" to help with projects around the church. This is strictly a volunteer position on an as-needed basis. If you're a certified electrician, that's a huge plus. Please contact Pastor Morgan if you're interested.

  • If you'd like to sing during a Sunday morning service, please contact Stanley Birkes. He'd be happy to find you a date to sing for us.​

  • If you LOVE children and are looking for an place to 'plug-in' please contact Shawna Birkes.

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